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Online Learning with IMS

New media technologies mean a new world of possibilities-for your audience and for your organization. CDs , DVDs, Live Webcasts and Online Streaming programs create fantastic opportunities for your customers to educate themselves just about anytime or anywhere-and for your organization to offer more of your content to a wider audience, and with much less effort.


"From several different perspectives - my own, our leadership's and our users' - we couldn't be more pleased with the results we're getting from IMS. Thanks for providing a great product, a great service to our members, and a significant financial benefit to the Atlanta Bar."

Mary Lynne Johnson
Continuing Legal Education Director Atlanta Bar Association





"IMS and its staff have been wonderful to work with over the years. From your personal attendance at our meetings, to your customization of our offerings to your great attention to detail, our educational programs will never be the same!"

Larry E. Bodkin, Jr., M.S., CAE
President and CEO
Bodkin Management and Consulting

More Content to More People.

Impact Media Solutions (IMS) would like your organization to be part of our vision for continuing education. We see infinite possibilities for taking your content and combining it with our media.

We see participants who are eager to purchase continuing education because it's so easy to access-online, on demand, when and where it's convenient. We see people wanting to learn more than required because the learning fits their schedule, their life, their desire to better themselves.

More Easily

New media technologies also mean easier content delivery, and the ideal solution for your organization and your audience. IMS would like to learn about your needs, your audience's needs and customize a program that will reduce staff workload, increase profits and allow you to reach new audiences.

Easier Marketing = More Revenue

The best content in the world is of no use if its intended audience doesn't know it exists. That's why IMS helps its customers realize their maximum audience size and maximum revenue. Through our assisted marketing programs, customer information gathering is fully automated. We'll help you turn data into turnkey promotions like e-mail and fax blasts so that your organization stays front-of-mind with key audiences-and draws minimally on staff to do so.

The Possibilities for Your Organization

With IMS as your new media partner, not only will your participants be happier - so will your staff. Your organization will benefit from tailored-to-fit solutions that streamline internal processes and reduce staff workloads.

By leveraging the latest technologies, IMS is able to efficiently handle all delivery tasks - duplication, packaging, order-handling, fulfillment, and customer support -so your staff is free to focus on more important tasks.

The Possibilities for Your Customers

Anywhere a laptop goes, your customers can be there learning something new. Any day they have an extra hour or two at their desk, they can be acquiring knowledge and improving skills to help them excel in their field. And they can do all this without having to sacrifice family and work time to travel to a seminar.

These same possibilities are also available for more low-tech participants. IMS offers the full spectrum of media options, including physical media such as DVDs, audio CDs, and video CD-ROMs. Your organization's seminars can be recorded and distributed using any of these media options, depending on which works best for each participant and program. IMS can help you determine the best options for your audience and organization.

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