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Selling Your Conference Recordings

Just because you record it, doesn't mean they will buy it.

That's why we take the sales and marketing aspect of our partnership with you as serious as we take the quality of our recordings. Our account managers understand that the quality of your recordings won't matter if no one ever sees or hears it. Here are just a few of the ways we work with you to distribute your recordings.

Dedicated Account Manager
Your AM knows every detail of your multimedia products and will work with you to create a marketing plan. For long-term partners, we provide a 1-year marketing plan with benchmarks, prmotional mix, and more. For events, we provide you with a suggested schedule of marketing materials and follow-up actions for post-conference.

On-Site Sales Table
We provide professional staff for your sales table. Our clean signage, impressive multimedia displays, and helpful team members always provide a professional image for your organization.

On-Site Duplication & Fulfillment
For certain events, offering on-site duplication may be the most effective sales strategy. For more information on duplication, see this page.

Conference Portal
Your portal, outlined here, is definitely your most powerful marketing tool for reaching non-attendees. This portal will become your hub for ordering recordings, viewing live webcasts, subscribing to podcasts, accessing conference materials, and so much more.

Pre- & Post-Show E-mail Marketing
Your account manager will always coordinate with our professional technical and design departments to design electronic marketing materials for your programs and products. We can blast these for you (to your list), or we can provide the files and information to allow you to blast. Either way, we carefully analyze read-rates, click-thrus, and bounces.

Order Form Design
Just as the portal is the most effective tool for non-attendees, a clean, attention getting, and professionally designed order form is the best tool for earning sales from conference attendees. All designs are created to match your brand, look, and feel.

For more information about our sales efforts for your conference, use this request form.



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