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Conference Recording Services

Impact Media Solutions has been recording conferences for many years and offers a proven track record of high quality and satisfied customers. No other company produces as many media options and products as IMS, and our content capturing services outlined below are designed to provide a seamless production process with guaranteed quality assurance systems.

We are proud to offer an array of services including:

Video Production
Digital Audio Recording
Slide Synchronization
On-Site Encoding
Quality Assurance
Immediate, Rapid Distribution Options



Digital Video Recording

Whenever possible, we recommend video recording over audio recording. Not only do you receive the benefit of a higher quality visual presentation of the sessions, but you also add numerous additional products to your portfolio such as DVD, Streaming Video, and Vodcasting. IMS offers a full spectrum of video production services.

Video production options available:

  • Single camera, digital quality recording
  • Single camera, broadcast quality recording
  • Multi-camera live switched recording (single room)
  • Multi-camera live switched recording (multiple room*)
  • Multi-camera taped, edited in post production
  • Live switches may use up to 6 cameras
  • We may also receive a feed from an IMAG system already in place
  • Ask us about providing the cameras for your IMAG system
  • Recording formats include DVCAM, MiniDV, DVD, and straight-to-disk options such as AVI, Windows Media, and proprietary formats which include slide synchronization with video files.
  • Live webcasting available for any of the above formats

*Multiple room switched productions are ideal for live patient demonstrations, outdoor demos, off-site events, or other events where the audience cannot be in the same location as the demonstration.

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Digital Audio Recording

Our professional production crews are capable of recording over 30 concurrent audio sessions at a single event . Our typical operation is to either work via venue patch room or run cabling around areas of the venue such that single production engineer can record and monitor up to 12 sessions concurrently. This allows you to save costs on labor and ensures the highest quality end product.

A differentiating feature of our audio recording capability is our proprietary method of capturing audience questions for smaller sessions where speakers may not repeat questions as needed or where there is not a floor microphone for speakers. In these sessions, we run a separate mic system in each room that will capture audience questions without recording ambient noise in the room. This process is achieved through a post-production mixing process by our audio engineers and ensures that post-conference listeners never miss discussions.

Once we have captured your audio programs we offer numerous products for your customers:
Audio CD, MP3 CD, Podcasts, Streaming Audio

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Slide Synchronization

When recording either video or audio, if you wish to synchronize PowerPoint slides being presented by speakers to the recording, we offer a number of simple solutions to automate this task. Our proprietary application can be run on PCs provided by us, by you or by your A/V company and will capture speaker controls of the slides and synchronize them with our videos.

Slide synching is even available for live webcasts so attendees participating live online will have the slides automatically advanced when the speaker advances the slides for the in-person audience.

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On-Site Encoding

For faster turn-around, we typically digitize and encode your audio or video programs on-site as they happen. This means at the end of each session, you can receive a Windows Media (or other format) file that can instantly be uploaded to your conference portal or other web site application. The resulting file is a great tool for reviewing content before it is published to your customers.

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Quality Assurance

Every program recorded by our production crews is analyzed and run through our extensive quality assurance process. Each QA process and checklist is logged, documented, and archived for later review. When errors or problems are found, programs are sent back to our production department for correction and review. This process ensures only the highest quality products reach your customers. For more information, or to see samples of our QA checklists, submit a conference RFP online today.

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Immediate Distribution

Should your event require rapid distribution of content, our teams can be ready at your event to offer immediate on-site editing and full post-production services. Some examples of rapid distribution, you may want to consider:

  • On-Site CD Duplication. We can offer fully printed, packaged, and ready to deliver Audio and MP3 CD options on-site for your customers. When you are concerned that customers may not order product they can't see and touch, on-site duplication may be appropriate. Mp3 discs are pre-programed with an easy to use interface for navigation- just because we are taking our fulfillment show on the road, doesn't mean your customers receive anything less than the best.
  • Rapid Podcast MP3 Posting. Audio programs can be edited and made available on your conference portal within hours, or even minutes after they conclude.
  • Live Webcast. Of course you can't get any more rapid distribution that "real time" live streaming from your event. See our webcasting page for more about broadcasting live online.
  • Rapid Streaming Video. When a live webcast isn't available or desired, we do have the ability to edit video on-site for immediate upload and streaming within a few hours after the conclusion of the recording.

Have more creative ideas? Our conference multimedia consultants are ready to assist you in creating a conference recording project plan for your event. As with any project, time is of the essence, so contact us as soon as possible to get started.

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