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Presentation Management Tool

Education coordinators have one of the toughest jobs in professional education conferences. Whether you are using IMS for your conference recording or have your own in-house arrangements, this tool simplifies the task of collecting speaker disclosures, releases, materials, and more.

Handout Collection
Gathering and controlling the quality of handouts and reference materials is key to a successful educational experience for attendees. With PMT's version control system, you, your directors, and your committees can review materials uploaded [by speakers themselves] and publish them directly to your conference web site for attendees.

Disclosures & Permissions
Every field has different types of disclosures that must be collected from speakers. That is why PMT allows completely customizable fields. Audio/video recording permissions, materials release forms, grants of license, can all be handled with this online system ensuring you always have a record of what permissions were given and when.

Timeline Management
Speakers and volunteer presenters always need reminding of your timeline. Consider PMT your automatic "friendly reminder" tool for slow-to-respond speakers. The system auto-notifies presenters of their deadlines for uploading documents and disclosures and will continue "reminding them" until they take action.

Session Forums
When both speakers and attendees are preparing for a conference online, why not let them interact? At your option, attendees may post questions they would like to see addressed at the conference as well as questions about materials that have already been posted. Additionally, speakers may wish to post announcements or special items of interest to session attendees.

Itinerary Builder
Any conference with breakout sessions requires attendees to plan their itinerary ahead of time. The IMS PMT allows attendees to see information about the topics and sessions, plan their itineraries while being alerted of conflicting presentations or schedules. Itineraries can be e-mailed to attendees, or they can download to their PDA for portable information about their schedule when they arrive on-site.

Conference Multimedia Integration
When PMT is used in conjunction with an IMS Conference Multimedia Partnership, the options are limitless: attendees can preview Podcasts or streaming video related to upcoming presentations. After the meeting, paid attendees may be given free access to streaming versions of the presentations while unregistered audience members may be allowed to pay a fee and view the program instantly. A turnkey approach that brings new value to your conferences for attendees and new revenue to your association by expanding your reach.



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