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Video CD-ROM

This proprietary learning product was created by Impact Media Solutions as an "offline" version of your Online Streaming programs.


  • No internet connection required .
  • Dynamically created and driven by XML to allow customers to view only topics they have purchased.
  • Include up to 8-10 hours of high quality video per disc.
  • Created on-demand using our JIT fulfillment process.
  • Featuring our proprietary CD-key technology to protect your content and allow mass-production of discs to keep production costs low.
  • Synchronize PowerPoint slides or allow viewer to advance slides at their own pace.
  • All supplemental materials included alongside video or audio program.
  • Combine Video programs with audio-only programs in a single streamlined interface
  • Fully-branded viewer to your organization's look and feel.
  • Easily link or direct customers to web pages (within the CD interface or launch new windows) on your web site or to supplemental materials provided by the speaker.
  • Keyword searching and sorting of supplemental materials available.


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