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Audio CDs by Impact Media Solutions

Audio CDs are one of the most tried and true forms of conference multimedia. Even when offered in conjunction with lower priced MP3 CDs, many customers will still opt for Audio CDs due to their familiarity, wide acceptance, and universal compatibility.

Features of conference audio CDs by IMS:

  • Long sessions or seminars broken into 5-minute tracks for ease of navigation
  • We offer flexible packaging: standard CD wallets hold up to 19 CDs, while larger conferences use 3-ring binders that hold up to 200 discs.
  • Advanced in-house, just-in-time production when customers order post-conference materials allowing us to ship within hours of receiving a new order.
  • Capable of being produced and duplicated instantly on-site at your conference
  • Sessions recorded using combination of speaker microphones and condenser microphones for audience questions
  • Audio masters reviewed by production personnel before master is produced and post-production editing takes place to ensure no low quality sections.
  • Most audio CDs include professionally recorded voice title at beginning of CD
  • Fulfillment and duplication options available to organizations already recording digital audio not requiring our production crews.

To find out more about our audio CD options, complete the information request form here.



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